Untuk keamanan server Linux Centos kita maka kita perlu mengubah port SSH daemon. Setelah kita mengubah port SSH daemon maka kita perlu melakukan penyesuaian seting pada firewalld

Langkah-langkah penyesuian port SSHD pada firewalld adalah

  1. Mematikan firewalld:
    # systemctl stop firewalld
  2. Mengubah port SSH daemon:
    # vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    # cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep Port
    Port 1022
  3. Merestart SSH daemon:
    # systemctl restart sshd
  4. Menyesuaikan seting firewalld:
    # cp /usr/lib/firewalld/services/ssh.xml /etc/firewalld/services/

    # vi /etc/firewalld/services/ssh.xml

    # cat /etc/firewalld/services/ssh.xml
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
    <description>Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol for logging into and executing commands on remote machines. It provides secure encrypted communications. If you plan on accessing your machine remotely via SSH over a firewalled interface, enable this option. You need the openssh-server package installed for this option to be useful.</description>
    <port protocol=”tcp” port=”1022″/>

  5. Melihat konfigurasi zone:
    [root@mail5 firewalld]# pwd

    [root@mail5 firewalld]# cat firewalld.conf | grep DefaultZone

    [root@mail5 firewalld]# cat zones/public.xml
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
    <description>For use in public areas. You do not trust the other computers on networks to not harm your computer. Only selected incoming connections are accepted.</description>
    <service name=”ssh”/>
    <service name=”dhcpv6-client”/>
    <service name=”ftp”/>

  6. Menghidupkan firewalld
    # systemctl start firewalld

Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan mengunjungi
1. https://firewalld.org/documentation/
2. https://firewalld.org/documentation/concepts.html
3. https://firewalld.org/documentation/configuration/directories.html .

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Ubah port SSH daemon pada Firewalld

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